Santa Rosa Tower
November 6, 2014

The Rhodes Marina – Rhodes, Greece

  • TaskGeneral Project Advisor, Strategy Advisory, Market Studies, Concept Formulation, Brand Strategy, Debt & Equity Sourcing, Brokerage Services

The Rhodes Marina, Rhodes, Greece

“To develop the most Innovative Lifestyle Marina Waterfront Mixed Use Scheme in Greece that will set standards of excellence in Yachting, Resort Living, Retail, Entertainment & Leisure”.

Year of Commencement: 1Q 2017

Type: Branded Luxury Marina Waterfront Mixed-use Lifestyle Scheme

Plot Size: 120,000 sqm

Building Coefficient: 55,000 m²  GDV: €275 Billion

Births: 563

Partner: Rhodes Marinas SA / Financing Structure in place;

Masterplanner/Architect: Benoy (UK) / Local Architect – GUPO Architects;

Project Components: Lifestyle Residential, Marina, Retail & Entertainment, Office;

Development Progress: Full Studies and Masterplan completed/Investment Proposal Available; Marina 1st Phase fully completed with state of the art yachting services on offer.